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Tuesday, November 8

1:30pm PST

Lightning Talk - Kubernetes and Ceph Integration: From Deployment to Production - Huamin Chen, Red Hat
This talk presents recent status of Ceph and Kubernetes integration. Deploying Ceph Cluster on Kubernetes using DaemonSet significantly reduces the administrative overhead to get Ceph Cluster ready for end users. Using Ceph RBD Storage Class that is introduced in Kubernetes 1.4 brings flexibility and ease of use to end users.


Huamin Chen

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Dr. Huamin Chen is a passionate developer at Red Hat' CTO office. He is one of the founding member of Kubernetes SIG Storage, member of Ceph, Knative, and Rook. He previously spoke at KubeCon, OpenStack Summits, and other technical conferences.

Tuesday November 8, 2016 1:30pm - 1:35pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

1:35pm PST

Lightning Talk - Realizing the Multi-Cloud Promise of Kubernetes - Blake White, The Walt Disney Co.
Disney's diverse business units and applications require running in multiple cloud environments. This talk will touch on some of the tools and techniques used to realize the cross cloud promise, as well as some of the challenges and their solutions.

avatar for Blake White

Blake White

Sr Cloud Engineer, The Walt Disney Company

Tuesday November 8, 2016 1:35pm - 1:40pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

1:40pm PST

Lightning Talk - Micro-Services Lifecycle Management at Twitter - Micheal Benedict, Twitter
Twitter and its associated products are powered by thousands of micro services. Managing lifecycle of services (i.e create, provision resources, deploy, meter, charge & deprecate) at our scale proves to be challenging.

In this lightning talk, I'll give a quick overview on the problem & how our internal product (called Kite) is helping Twitter manage the lifecycle of creating, deploying and operating micro services at scale.

avatar for Micheal Benedict

Micheal Benedict

Head of Engineering Productivity, Pinterest
Micheal Benedict heads the Engineering Productivity organization at Pinterest that is responsible for languages strategy, source code management, build systems & CI/CD platform. Previously, Micheal led products for the Compute Platform at Twitter. Micheal holds a master's degree in... Read More →

Tuesday November 8, 2016 1:40pm - 1:45pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

1:45pm PST

Lightning Talk - Benchmarking Persistent Data Volumes - Simon Croome, StorageOS
Discussion and demonstration of various methods for benchmarking block storage performance, including some of the tools used at StorageOS.

avatar for Simon Croome

Simon Croome

Founder and VP of Engineering, StorageOS

Tuesday November 8, 2016 1:45pm - 1:50pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

1:50pm PST

Lightning Talk - Netflix OSS on Kubernetes - Christian Posta, Red Hat
Some popular Netflix OSS components were created at a time when nothing better existed. Kubernetes bakes a lot of these concepts into the platform so that developers can simplify their applications regardless of language choice and still take advantage of things like service discovery, failover, loadbalancing, configuration, etc. So does Netflix OSS still have a place?

avatar for Christian Posta

Christian Posta

Field CTO, Solo.io
Christian Posta (@christianposta) is Global Field CTO at Solo.io, former Chief Architect at Red Hat, and well known in the community for being an author (Istio in Action, Manning, Microservices for Java Developers, O'Reilly 2016), frequent blogger, speaker, open-source enthusiast... Read More →

Tuesday November 8, 2016 1:50pm - 1:55pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

1:55pm PST

Lightning Talk - Introducing CoreDNS Kubernetes Integration - John Belamaric, Infoblox
CoreDNS is a flexible new DNS server from the original author of SkyDNS, Miek Gieben. CoreDNS offers more functionality than SkyDNS, and is easy to extend with its middleware-based request processing architecture.

avatar for John Belamaric

John Belamaric

Distinguished Architect, Infoblox
John Belamaric is a software architect with over 20 years of software design and development experience. He is focused on microservice architectures and on making CoreDNS the best choice for service discovery in those architectures. He is a Distinguished Architect at Infoblox, holds... Read More →

Tuesday November 8, 2016 1:55pm - 2:00pm PST
Grand Ballroom B
Wednesday, November 9

2:00pm PST

Lightning Talk - OCI: Container Standards and Certification - Rob Dolin, Microsoft & Jeffrey Borek, IBM
The Open Container Initiative (OCI) was formed mid-2015 with the goal of creating open, industry standards around container formats and runtimes. Who's behind this effort, how has the scope evolved, and what is the latest progress along the path towards open governance and multi-vendor support with respect to open source container standardization? Join this update to hear from the front lines of this important effort, and learn how you can get involved/benefit.

avatar for Jeff Borek

Jeff Borek

WW Program Dir, Open Tech & Partnerships, IBM
Jeffrey Borek, WW Program Director, IBM - is a senior technology and communications executive with over twenty years of leadership and technical experience in the Software, Telecommunications, and Information Technology/Consulting industries. He is currently the ecosystem development... Read More →
avatar for Rob dolin

Rob dolin

Senior Engineering Program Manager, Microsoft
Rob Dolin is the Co-Chair of the Open Container Initiative (OCI) Certification Program WG. He works as a Senior Engineering Program Manager on Microsoft’s Open Interoperability team. His past community work includes service on the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee, as a... Read More →

Wednesday November 9, 2016 2:00pm - 2:05pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

2:05pm PST

Lightning Talk - Say what? You're Running the Storage Platform IN Kubernetes? - Stephen Watt, Red Hat
GlusterFS is an open source, scale out, distributed filesystem that is becoming popular as a shared storage solution for containers. This talk is about how the GlusterFS community containerized GlusterFS and enabled it to run directly in Kubernetes. This is fairly novel as actual storage platforms (as opposed to storage adapters or volume plugins) are a *very new* type of workload for Kubernetes. This approach allows a single Kubernetes cluster to run both the application containers and the containers for the storage platform that provides the volumes consumed by the applications. Besides a demo, this talk will also describe the tradeoffs between running the platform as ReplicaSets vs. PetSets and usage of the platform with the new GlusterFS Dynamic Provisioner features in Kubernetes v1.4.

avatar for Stephen Watt

Stephen Watt

Chief Architect, Emerging Technologies, Red Hat
Steve Watt is the Chief Architect for Emerging Technologies within Red Hat’s Office of Technology. The Emerging Technologies group is responsible for the early identification and incubation of emerging and disruptive technologies. Presently, Steve’s teams are working on Red Hat’s... Read More →

Wednesday November 9, 2016 2:05pm - 2:10pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

2:10pm PST

Lightning Talk - The Feature Formally Known as Prince ... err PetSet. Stateful Sets in 600 Seconds or Less - Chris Love, Datapipe
What, When and Why to use a PetSet.

avatar for Chris Love

Chris Love

Founder, CNM Consulting
Chris Love has been coding for over 20 years, as well as contributing to OSS. Currently, he contributes to Google Helmsman (github.com/topics/gke-helmsman), kops, and other things K8s. Chris has architected projects with companies such as Google, Motorola, Inuit, and CenturyLink... Read More →

Wednesday November 9, 2016 2:10pm - 2:15pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

2:15pm PST

Lightning Talk - When Kubernetes is Not the Solution - Joonas Bergius, DigitalOcean
Often it's easy to get carried away by the hype surrounding a technology especially when this technology seemingly will solve all of our problems. Unfortunately adopting the right technology for the wrong reasons or at a wrong time can end up burning users and leaving them with a bad experience. To avoid this, it is our responsibility as the community to steer these potential users in the right direction, even if it means turning them away.

avatar for Joonas Bergius

Joonas Bergius

Engineering Manager, DigitalOcean
Joonas Bergius is an Engineering Manager at DigitalOcean focused on the Compute services. Engineer at heart, Joonas is often thinking of ways of utilizing the current best-in-class software to provide the engineers he works with better tooling than what they have at their disposal... Read More →

Wednesday November 9, 2016 2:15pm - 2:20pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

2:20pm PST

Lightning Talk - ContainerOps – Empowering DevOps With Container - Quanyi Ma, Senior Architect & Open Source Evangelist, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.
We are in the midst of container revolution. The way of continuous integration and continuous deployments (CI/CD) is being rebuild with container. ContainerOps is not just CI/CD pipeline tools, it's a whole new concept with DevOps workflow engine and components.

avatar for Quanyi Ma

Quanyi Ma

Open Source Experts, Huawei
Quanyi Ma is open source expert in Huawei Corporation, senior architect and open source container & Golang evangelist. He interested in Container, DevOps, Golang and AngularJS. Ma also is a organizer and host of Docker meetup in many cities in China, member of some container conference... Read More →

Wednesday November 9, 2016 2:20pm - 2:25pm PST
Grand Ballroom B

2:25pm PST

Lightning Talk - K8s Port: Cultivate an Engaged Community of Kubernetes Advocates through Gamification and Rewards - Ryan Quackenbush, Apprenda
Recognizing the contributions made to the Kubernetes community has never been easier. By directly engaging them through a simple, gamified, performance-based system and by implementing an integration with GitHub, we’re highlighting work that’s being done amongst the members automatically.

avatar for Ryan Quackenbush

Ryan Quackenbush

Advocacy Programs Manager, Apprenda
Ryan Quackenbush is Apprenda's resident Advocacy genius. After successfully building and driving Apprenda's internal social media and community amplification hub, he created the Kubernetes Portal to reward the people that have made Kubernetes into the defacto standard of container... Read More →

Wednesday November 9, 2016 2:25pm - 2:30pm PST
Grand Ballroom B